Gerald “Jerry” Dore

Experience the Opportunity to Learn How my Success in Business Could Help Your Business Grow and Thrive!

"I'm Passionate About helping others succeed"

“In one year, Jerry Dore doubled my income. Jerry’s approach to our coaching was different than most as he did not come in with an everything fits all outline for my business. In fact, Jerry took about a month and a half just to learn my business but more importantly, he learned how I worked in my business. He applied strategies that he felt would fit the best personally, which in turn allowed me to use those strategies comfortably. His 50 years of marketing experience came into play every time we had a session. I felt very comfortable sharing all of my ideas for the business and with some tweaking he had solutions that worked. I am having a record breaking year and I credit much if the success to Jerry’s coaching.”

Trenton Carson


Film Producer

What is a mentor

A Mentor is a Coach, Guide, Tutor, Facilitator, Counselor and Trusted Adviser. A Mentor is someone willing to spend his or her time and expertise, to guide the development of another person. 

In my role as a Mentor, I believe in ....

Providing Information and Advice Based on Experience and Ideas

Encouraging You to Take a Healthy, Positive, and Constructive Risk

“Being There” Just to Listen and Understand. Offering Honest and Positive Feedback

adult career

years hired, trained & managed sales
90 +
Million in Sales -Product & Industry
machines sales 1 year -Setting Marketing Plan
top Sales nationwide at ITW Signode

Have you ever worked with people who are so eager to help you, but the only way they
now how — not the way you need? I met numerous people who are so jealous to impress me with their knowledge that what I was seeking was neglected. Well, I find Jerry to be very different. He LISTENS first to my problems. Jerry’s esoteric knowledge of business and extensive successful sale experiences provided all the solutions to my business’ obstacles. Moreover, Jerry’s kindness and sincerity is the fuel of our friendship.

Development Mentor

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