I’m Jerry Dore and I Invest in Futures

My returns are significant, that’s because I chose one place to put my greatest asset, how we spend our time, speaks volumes of who we are.  I invest my time in others.  I’m a professional mentor, drawing from 50 years in Sales, Marketing, Management, Business Development and Engineering. I managed 3 divisions and was a Chief Global Director for 14 years before I retired. As Chief Global Director I was responsible for products worth 100’s of millions of dollars.

My passion is helping people to succeed and my wealth of knowledge, experience and the many people that mentored me must be re-invested back into the system of others.

Let’s talk about your idea’s then I can show you how I would do it and what directions you may have for the best outcome for you.

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All type of Businesses

I would highly recommend Jerry Dore to anyone who needs a business mentor. He is extremely knowledgeable and very generous with his time and efforts. He has helped me develop marketing and sales plans to bring in more clients. He has opened doors and opportunities for me that I could not on my own. I will always be thankful for his encouragement and kindness.

The VFS Project

This project resulted in a patented  vacuum form sheet that was sold to vacuum formers and converted into trays for printed circuit boards.  It was called the VFS
(Vacuum Form Sheet ) I ran this business for about six or seven years.  We sold the sheet to Vacuum Formers who converted it into trays for printed circuit boards .It grew into a multimillion dollar business ($12,000,000)
Our first user was IBM.

After I left I became a Global Director for a new business called the Formex Division for Fourteen Years. That’s what brought me to Atlanta.  I needed to be near an International Airport ( Atlanta.). When I retired after Fourteen Years the business grew to $40,000.000 world wide . We had a plant in Chicago and one in China.

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