I Met Mr. Dore 4 years ago at a social gathering.  We found coincidentally we had numerous similar extensive experiences in business as well as our personal lives.

Through Jerry’s mentoring, I am now back on top of my game and better than ever.  I am once again achieving my business and more importantly success in my personal life as well.

Yes I quickly found out early on that Mr Dore, (“Jerry”) was and is a World Class Mentor.
Who knew when I met him that I had stumbled onto a true life’s coach and mentor.
His experience is unsurpassed. He amazingly reached the pinnacle in his career at Illinois Tool a world class company ( ITW) by completing 50 years!

That accomplishment in itself is almost unheard of in today’s business world.
His experience in Sales, Marketing and General Management with both domestic and global business acumen has provided him with the experience and an ongoing ability to assist others similar to my case and to assist particularly small business entrepreneurs
to achieve their goals.
Jerry is tireless in his passion to assist through coaching?mentoring. He is amazing in his efforts and abilities to assist others in a multitude of their issues and concerns.
His coaching has already been acknowledged by scores of business and personal relationships in and around Atlanta.

I recommend anyone looking to improve their businesses and their outlook on life especially those qualified retired individuals looking for new horizons. 

Gerald Dore is:  A Mentor Personified…..

Have you ever worked with people who are so eager to help you, but the only way they now how — not the way you need? I met numerous people who are so jealous to impress me with their knowledge that what I was seeking was neglected. Well, I find Jerry to be very different. He LISTENS first to my problems. Jerry’s esoteric knowledge of business and extensive successful sale experiences provided all the solutions to my business’ obstacles. Moreover, Jerry’s kindness and sincerity is the fuel of our friendship.


I would highly recommend Jerry Dore to anyone who needs a business mentor. He is extremely knowledgeable and very generous with his time and efforts. He has helped me develop marketing and sales plans to bring in more clients. He has opened doors and opportunities for me that I could not on my own. I will always be thankful for his encouragement and kindness.


Jerry Dore uses his insights and experiences gleaned over the past 50+ years as an Executive in a global company to assist in taking a viewpoint of you and your business & personal goals to guide you to the excellence we all strive for. Jerry doesn’t just tell you what to do but helps you to see the next step and walks beside you all the way.  Time spent with Jerry is time well spent!
“In one year, Jerry Dore doubled my income. Jerry’s approach to our coaching was different than most as he did not come in with an everything fits all outline for my business. In fact, Jerry took about a month and a half just to learn my business but more importantly, he learned how I worked in my business. He applied strategies that he felt would fit the best personally, which in turn allowed me to use those strategies comfortably. His 50 years of marketing experience came into play every time we had a session. I felt very comfortable sharing all of my ideas for the business and with some tweaking he had solutions that worked. I am having a record breaking year and I credit much if the success to Jerry’s coaching.

Trenton Carson


Film Producer

Thank you so much!  You really have a gift that gives me hope of a better tomorrow.  I can’t really explain it.  I bet you hear that a lot! 
Since we talked the first time, I’ve told all my family and kids about you and how excited I was to have a life coach. I’ve always been so optimistic and had so much confidence in myself.  Since I met you, I’ve brought on 3 loan originators to find people that need to borrow money for the real estate projects and to find private investors that are looking to make a 10% return on their money secured by real estate.  They all want to work under the Rich Capital Funding and use my connections!  Can you believe that?  You have some kind of magic about you.  That’s all happened since our first meeting.   If I achieve my goals of building a private lending base, those people could make a great living.  Lending could be fun again! 

Jerry Dore is without a doubt the sweetest, most kind, thoughtful, intelligent, honest, ethical, witty, unselfish, humble human being I’ve ever met in my life. It is truly an honor and blessing to be his friend. When you’re among Jerry’s company you can be be certain he will genuinely and politely attend to the needs of all who are among his company. He makes you feel special and that you are important in his life. I’ve never once heard him speak any negative words about anyone. Jerry Dore naturally exudes kindness and grace all over his face. He sprinkles it to everyone wherever he goes. He has instilled faith and hope in my heart for a brighter tomorrow and future. Jerry is truly and wholeheartedly the epitome of a wonderful person and humanitarian. 

Linda M. Hamm


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